We coach consultants to win successful, interesting and rewarding assignments with structured conversations.

Are you tired of having conversations with potential clients where you identify needs you can satisfy, but which don’t lead to business?

Do you want to be recognised as someone with valuable expertise to offer and not be seen as a salesperson?

Do you worry that the only way you can earn a satisfactory living is by overloading yourself with work?

It’s a waste of time to network and generate leads unless you have the kind of conversations with potential clients that lead to successful, interesting and rewarding assignments.

We’ve been training and coaching for forty years or so and much of our work has been about helping people with expertise to engage with their clients more effectively. We know what makes the difference.

It can be hard to get the balance right between making a client feel comfortable and challenging the way they are used to thinking. We can show you how to ease them out of their comfort zone and set up successful projects.

One of the saddest things is the sight of a well-paid expert dying of boredom doing the same old same old because that’s what clients feel safe in buying. We can show you how to get clients to commission you when you can’t point to having done exactly the same somewhere else.

When it comes to deciding what to charge, there is often this awkward dance around what you need to keep going, what the client has in their budget, what they might have been paying other people, and so on. We can show you how to draw on the client’s imagination to put the value of the difference you are making front and centre of their mind.

How you start and develop the conversation determines whether the client’s mind is focused on the value you can deliver.

We get a kick out of empowering people with expertise to win successful, interesting and rewarding assignments, by bringing value to clients.

What people say

Nick Shannon
Director at Management Psychology Ltd

“12boxes is a superb framework for thinking through, planning and executing the process of client engagement.”

Joanne Jacobs
Facilitating innovation in enterprise; speaker, strategist, writer, communicator, director

“I find 12boxes of great help in learning from my professional experience.

“As well as being an elegant tool for client engagement and for understanding relationship building, it is also a wonderful lens for observing and learning from the way others interact with clients.

“I highly recommend 12boxes”

Matthew Harris
Director Cyber Security & Awareness

“If you want to sleep better at night and you’re a consultant or considering a move into this field, then Malcolm’s
twenty-minute Discovery Call is a must.”