How to unlock the sales talent in your firm

Step One: Watch this video first

Step Two (Optional)

Click this panel to watch Nick Shannon and Malcolm Sleath discuss choosing the right consultants to train in business development

Step Three

Discover how your consultants can master client engagement to increase sales

In just 30 minutes, identify a route to improve the motivation and capability of your consultants so that your business grows in line with its true potential.

Do you feel that:

    • Your firm or practice area is not growing as fast as it could.
    • Too few people are carrying the burden of bringing in new business.
    • Bringing in sales resources can be disruptive and expensive without any guarantee that it will deliver results.

If so, we think you will find this discussion interesting and productive.

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In 30 minutes, you will see how to end thoughts like this forever:

    • Only a few other people and I are taking all the responsibility for generating prospects and growing the business.
    • All my energy is going on keeping the pipeline filled and I can’t focus on developing the firm. I don’t have enough people to share the load.
    • We are missing opportunities and losing out in terms of market share.
    • I am frustrated and could burn out if this continues.
    • This situation could impact my career prospects/net worth. and mean that we don’t achieve scale or an exit route.

We have designed this experience so you will walk away feeling clear, informed and excited about how you can improve the motivation and capability of consultants to bring in new business, so growth matches the potential you know is there.

This will be the best 30 minutes you’ve spent in a long time. To get started, select a date and time on the calendar below to book your session.

Takuya Shimada
Takuya Shimada
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