Be paid for the value you deliver

Write proposals that will be accepted

Control the client buying process

Here’s how it works

We discuss your business objectives and work out a customised programme to fit your budget and circumstances

We teach you how to think through, plan and carry out your client meetings so that you build trust quickly and get committed buy-in from clients by using the unique 12boxes structure

We support you as you use it in the field with coaching and planning sessions at a time and place to suit you to help you win the business you would like

Don't settle for less

It can be demoralising when you have conversations with potential clients where you identify real needs you can address, but which don’t turn into assignments.

Or the only way you seem to be able to earn a satisfactory living is by overloading yourself with work or accepting work you don’t really want.

And it can be galling when you want to be recognised as someone with valuable expertise to offer but feel compelled to act like a salesperson.

Benefit from experience

We specialise in helping people with expertise engage with their clients so they achieve the results they are looking for.

Our methodology has been developed and honed as the result of more than forty years’ experience.

We know what makes the difference and can show you how to do it so that you come across as highly professional.

Don’t miss out

You have made a huge investment in accumulating your knowledge and experience. Don’t allow these assets to go to waste by failing to acquire the influencing techniques that will help you realise their true value.

Time is the one resource you can’t buy more of. You can only make better use of it. Why waste it on opportunities that are going nowhere and tolerating long sales cycles when you could be getting agreements signed faster?

Stress takes its toll when we are in situations over which we feel we have little control. Don’t lose this opportunity to learn ways to manage the client engagement process and release the time to create a better life.

Act now!

We will show you how to lead clients in a professional way as a trusted advisor so they will value your knowledge and experience and be prepared to pay for it.

We will help you save time by showing you how to create serious client interest in your proposals before you write them and avoid writing proposals that are unlikely to bear fruit.

We will enable you to reduce or avoid stress altogether, by enabling you to see exactly where your client is in the buying process so that you always know what to do next.


As you would expect, for us to do this properly takes time, care and attention to detail which means our capacity is limited. Book an exploratory discussion today and ensure that you don’t miss out.

What people say

Nick Shannon
Director at Management Psychology Ltd

“12boxes is a superb framework for thinking through, planning and executing the process of client engagement.”

Joanne Jacobs
Facilitating innovation in enterprise; speaker, strategist, writer, communicator, director

“I find 12boxes of great help in learning from my professional experience.

“As well as being an elegant tool for client engagement and for understanding relationship building, it is also a wonderful lens for observing and learning from the way others interact with clients.

“I highly recommend 12boxes”

Matthew Harris
Director Cyber Security & Awareness

“If you want to sleep better at night and you’re a consultant or considering a move into this field, then Malcolm’s
twenty-minute Discovery Call is a must.”