Exclusively for: Founders, Directors and Department Heads in Consulting Firms

Growing your consulting firm without recruiting salespeople

Watch this short trailer.

  • Access the full video and discover how to grow your consulting firm by unlocking the hidden sales capability of your consultants.
  • See how you can cascade your selling experience to consultants and facilitate cross selling between specialisms.
  • Learn how to enable consultants to get better results with their existing clients.
  • Discover how client awareness is a better way to measure real progress in individual sales so you can see exactly what must be done next.
  • Find out how client meetings can generate a ready-made narrative for use in proposals, which saves writing time and keeps down the costs of selling.
  • Bonus: Access our in-depth conversation with Chartered Management Psychologist Nick Shannon featuring his surprising insights into what makes an effective salesperson.
  • Bonus: Download our infographic guide to the step-by-step development of your consultants’ sales experience.

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